Via Vinum

Via Vinum was created in 2005 by Isabelle Lassalle. This company has a traditional activity of wine merchant and can also act as an agent having a partnership with producers.

History of our company

Thanks to her knowledge of English, Isabelle started at "Maison Sichel" in Bordeaux, right after her studies at Irvine's University (CA). Then, she worked for Hugues Lawton; she quickly realised that she needed a greater training in wines and went to the Institute of Oenology of Bordeaux where she graduated. This diploma enabled her to have access to professional tastings and develop her skills. After several years among the Chanel Group, based at Châetau Rauzan Ségla (Margaux) as a Sales Executive, Isabelle had an opportunity to change path, when the owner of a small business had to sell his shares for health reasons. Even though various wine merchants solicited her, she decided to create her own export business and develop her portfolio. Via Vinum (the wine route) is born with the support of her former export clients that helped her by placing their first orders.

Specialized on the traditional market, our company has importers of all magnitudes in Europe and across the world. We mainly seek a trust and long term relationship. We adapt all kinds of quantities to the size of your business and can grow with your development.

Our specialty is to find, negotiate, wines of all types to suit your needs. Exclusive wines, brand wines, we select only the best offers through our deep knowledge of the different Bordeaux producers.

Established in Saint-Julien Beychevelle

The company quickly established itself in Saint Julien Beychevelle, in the heart of a major appellation, renowned for the quality of the wines produced. the choice of this address was an evidence for Isabelle, to be where the wines are produced, close to the field reality, close to the wines. Mathieu, Isabelle's son joined the company to face the increase in the activity and brings its support in logistics and administration, but he is also a graduate of the WSET.

Exclusive wines for your country

We will find the best producers that are not available in your country, and if quantities allow, we will negotiate exclusivity for your country.

Futures buying

We offer a range of small-Châteaux and Classified Growth in futures since 2005. We favor long-term agreements and trust companies.

Flexibles quantities

We can begin to work with you with small amounts and increase volumes over time to fit your size.

Our team

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Isabelle Lassalle

Mathieu Lassalle

Hélène Fenouillet

Some wines we can export

Here is some exemple of the wines that we can provide to your import company.